Welcome to Bushue Background Screening

Bushue Background Screening provides comprehensive fingerprinting and background screening services for a diverse range of clients.  Whether a school, hospital, nursing facility, non-profit organization, private company, or institution of higher education, we offer packages and single searches based upon your unique procedures and needs. Our levels of accuracy, consistency, quickness, and quality of service provide information you can trust from an organization who values your partnership.

History of the company?

I.e. Organizations across the Midwest have been relying on Bushue since xxx as a reliable partner to meet a wide array of their needs.  Today, Bushue serves over xxxx companies, schools, and organizations for fingerprinting, background screening, and compliance guidance.

We are a proud member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

As an accredited background screening, we passed a thorough accreditation program.  The NAPBS Board maintains the following policies and procedures:

  • Annually review all accreditation standards and propose changes in the standards that reflect best practices in consumer reporting
  • Review the goals and mission of the program at the first meeting of the Council each year
  • Periodically review all policies and procedures and propose changes in these documents to meet the ongoing needs of the accreditation program
  • Periodically review accreditation fees and propose modifications as deemed necessary
  • Vote (with the exception of the Chair) on accrediation and decisions
  • Participate in subcommittees of the BSCC
  • Review challenges of alleged non-compliance with standards for accredited background screening agencies and propose porbation periods and/or sanctions